Monday, 10 October 2011

Wheat and Type O's

In our modern times there are so many reasons to maintain our health; especially since our diets are usually loaded with junk food and empty calories. Various diet products have been offered by nutrition experts and there is a "quick fix" for just about any health or weight issue. But did you know that everyone has a different character in terms of nutrition? Even our ancestors in the ancient times tried to solve the mystery surrounding the different types of people and their metabolisms; especially the fact that not all people are the same, and they react differently to foods. It's simple: the answer lies within our blood type.

Blood forms the center of all processes in your body; and it plays a very big role in our metabolism. So what exactly is the secret of our metabolic differences? Blood is not simply the core of metabolism, but it also holds the key to a lot of information about all the essential processes in a person's body. This has indeed become the turning point of the modern diet. By looking at the different blood types: A, B, AB and O, one can recognize their fundamental differences and follow a diet that is specific to each type, to achieve optimal health, weight loss and a strong immune system.

When we look at the O blood type, these individuals thrive on intense physical exercise and animal protein, and these individuals also have a very strong digestive system. Blood type O also has several other characteristics such as overactive immune system, and the ability to adapt to an environment. They are sensitive to wheat and dairy, and also require an efficient metabolism to maintain body weight and fitness.

Why Wheat?

Each blood type has different restrictions in terms of nutrition, which holds true for blood group O. The main culprit for the O type is wheat. Wheat contains gluten; which can bind to the lining of the intestines and cause significant inflammation and irritations as well. Although wheat has an impact on all blood types, it affects type O's the most. This is a very serious problem for people with blood type O, since this can lead to obesity and other immune reactions. Adhesive lectins also inhibit their insulin functions, interfering with the efficient use of calories for body metabolism.

Foods that contain wheat include:

    Bread: Unless labeled "wheat free" freshly baked bread contains a lot of wheat.
    Baked goods: Such as bagels, muffins, cakes and pastries.
    Pasta: Pasta made from wheat flour will contain wheat.
    Cereals: Most cereals will contain wheat.
    Sauces: A lot of commonly known sauces, especially commercially prepared varieties.
    Meats: Some meats such as sausages and other processed meats will contain wheat.

Disruption of the body's metabolic system will result in the immune system working to make antibodies in order to fight the disorder that comes from these foods. This will cause an allergy to certain foods, in this case wheat. So for those of you who have blood type O, I suggest you avoid these kinds of food grains in your diet to prevent the occurrence of food allergies and also overweight.

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