Friday, 14 October 2011

Health And Wellness Jobs

We all know someone that is out of work. There are many opportunities out there for people to pursue. Everywhere you look there are ads in the paper, infomercials on television, and pop ups on the computer about nutrition and exercise. Many ads about rock hard buns or washboard stomachs and people buy what they are selling. If they can get customers to buy a product off of a late night infomercial so should you be able to do similarly the same thing, just on a more personal basis.

I am talking about a health and wellness job. The opportunities are endless and the money is pretty good too. There are opportunities for you to become a personal trainer at a gym, which in a way would make you a teacher also. People would come to you for a plan to help them become more healthy, and put them on an exercise program that will help improve quality of life for that man or woman. Maybe even show them how to do the exercises correctly so they do not hurt themselves. Next, you could pursue a career as a nutritionist. In this job you would guide people on what foods to eat more of and what foods to stay away from. They can show you different supplements to take and food to eat that might improve the way you feel just because you may not be getting enough of certain vitamins in your everyday life. There are many ways a nutritionist can map out a brand new plan for you that would change your life.

There are many health and wellness jobs and I only mentioned a couple. It seems more people are trying to become more healthy and who says you cannot be a part of that plan for their life. If you want to pursue a career in this field do the research and find the best fit. Even if it means going back to school to make that happen. Do you think it is worth it? If the answer is yes then go for it. This is just an example of the many jobs that are out there for you and no one can hold you down but you. If you are miserable and are looking for a change this would be a good field to look into. Who knows you might learn some new things that would change your quality of life forever.

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Foods to Avoid in Order to Lose Weight

People are thrilled from many things in life, however I never in all my days met or heard about a person over the moon about being out of shape and overweight. On the other hand, I routinely come across people sick and tired of yo- yo effects from seemingly healthy diet programs and "sensible meal plans."

Many times these formerly enthused persons give up and just assume that the few, and in too many cases, several extra pounds they carry is just a fact of life they will have to endure.

This type of capitulation whereby you decide to "just get used to the weight" is not a healthy way to live. Decisions of this nature can totally destruct your self- worth not to mention lead to an early grave. It happens every day! To be brutally honest, if you're reading this, you know this already and I will not insult your intelligence with a haranguing lecture other than to say, you as the unique human being on this planet that you are, deserve a way forward that is - simple, effective, and free of hype.

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Spicy Secrets To Keeping Your Kitchen and Your Life Hot! Hot! Hot! February, and Forward!

Happy Belated Valentine's Day!

In light of this schmaltzy holiday, this article will not only be infused with my love, it will also feature some seriously juicy information on how you can keep life hot and sexy day in and day out, starting NOW!

If I can be blunt, I am no fan of Winter, nor am I of Valentine's Day for that matter. Simply put, resembling a pale, frozen, abominable "puff-monster," shuffling through dirty slush and snow, hardly leaves me feeling "hot and sexy." However, aside from New York's uncharacteristically warm Winter, I've learned how to keep life fresh, fun, and fabulous, at all times, and YOU can too with these two golden

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wheat and Type O's

In our modern times there are so many reasons to maintain our health; especially since our diets are usually loaded with junk food and empty calories. Various diet products have been offered by nutrition experts and there is a "quick fix" for just about any health or weight issue. But did you know that everyone has a different character in terms of nutrition? Even our ancestors in the ancient times tried to solve the mystery surrounding the different types of people and their metabolisms; especially the fact that not all people are the same, and they react differently to foods. It's simple: the answer lies within our blood type.

Blood forms the center of all processes in your body; and it plays a very big role in our metabolism. So what exactly is the secret of our metabolic differences? Blood is not simply the core of metabolism, but it also holds the key to a lot of information about all the essential processes in a person's body. This has indeed become the turning point of the modern diet. By looking at the different blood types: A, B, AB and O, one can recognize their fundamental differences and follow a diet that is specific to each type, to achieve optimal health, weight loss and a strong immune system.

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Arsenic and Herbs

Arsenic in your food?? What is safe and what is not appears to be the question being asked. The major concern seems to be if there is "x" quantity of arsenic in a 5 oz. serving of something then will it harm a 250 pound male or will it harm a 10 pound infant if it is in formula. Presently no one knows the answer as to whether it is or is not harmful, and if so in what dosage to what type person.

Is this something new or is this something now being given media attention? We've known for decades that our body needs what are called trace minerals and other nutrients in order to survive and stay healthy. Arsenic tracings are part of the dietary nutritional requirements we need. Arsenic is healthy and beneficial given the right amount at the right time and actually provides the basics we need to stay healthy.

Thursday, 6 October 2011

The Paleo Diet - 5 Foods to Avoid

What you and many other people may not already know, is that the majority of foods listed below are the causes of ninety percent of allergic reactions. The Caveman Diet is the most healthiest diet in the world because it eliminates all of those foods.

No More Legumes

In case you were wondering, a legume is a seed that breaks as it ripens. The kinds of legumes to watch out for are pinto beans, kidney beans, broad beans, soybeans, lentils, chickpeas, and peanuts (peanuts are legumes, not a "nut").

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Dairy-Free Diet

Why would anyone go dairy-free and miss out on ice cream, cheese, and yogurt? They would if their health was being sabotaged by this food. It is a more complex issue than many think who do not have to worry about intestinal issues or congestion. Going on a dairy free diet is a freedom for those who have suffered for a long period of time with sensitivities to dairy.

Going on a dairy-free diet is not as challenging as it first appears. The switch to cooking with alternatives is not as bad as you might think. All it requires is open-mindedness, experimentation, and a little knowledge. First, let go of all of your pre-conceived fears and realize that you are beginning a new journey that you have never experienced before.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Easy Chocolate Fudge Recipe - A Kid Pleaser in 5 Minutes Flat!

The responsibilities of being a single mom rarely leave time in the family schedule for making home-made goodies. Let's not even throw the need for healthy alternatives into the equation. Sometimes, it's next to impossible to find the time to put together a snack that's healthy and great tasting. Single moms and their kids who are "under the influence" of a monster sweet tooth can have an even greater challenge selecting healthy, nutrient rich snacks.

The biggest problems come in when you try to find ways to indulge your sweet tooth without adding in a lot of unhealthy junk. If you're anything like me, an apple or a banana just isn't going to cut it. When you try to avoid store-bought junk desserts and make your own, you run into what I call the "time and taste" factors. The more time you put into making home-made goodies, the better the taste. However, this often increases your fat intake and calorie count.